Pokies are fun

Most pokies players play because they enjoy the thrill of a possible win… It doesn’t matter if that win is virtual or real. Its about the buzz of beating the odds. Most games will give details on the amount they are paying out, the odds of potentially paying out. It’s worth investigating which games are paying out the most on any particular day as this can dramatically affect the likelihood of winning.


Anti Pokies Campaign

Whether you’re a pokies player or an adamant objector it would’ve been very hard to miss the media storm over the right to play these games and the current and future legislation’s imposed by the government on casinos and players. I think it’s important to recognise that the vast majority of player understand that, the odds are stacked in the casinos favor (otherwise they wouldn’t be in business), and also where the line is ie to only spend what you can afford. Unfortunately some players get themselves into financial difficulties by thinking a win is round the corner and the run of bad luck will change, evidently this doesn’t always happen.

The really sad part is when a government decides it needs to legislate against something as those rights will never be gotten back and this is whats happening with pokies games. The industry is coming under tighter and tighter control and within a few years there won’t be any left. People enjoy playing these games and for the most part don’t spend more they can afford. It’s likely in a few years you’ll go down the pub/bar/casino and won’t be able to find a pokies machine to play…They’ll be gone. This is not about support for an industry it is about rights. The right to play pokies. The right to spend your money however you want to spend it.

The other concern is that these games and gamers will be driven underground and fueled and taxed by more nefarious methods. If pokies players aren’t allowed to play legally but are addicted to the games, what lengths will they go to to get their fix? Is this gonna create a seedier gaming world that brushes against other underworld industries such as drugs?

Legislation is not necessarily the best way of controlling how much people are pouring into these slot games. Education, accountability and responsibility are much better mechanisms. Also many of the games are free to play such as the ‘Fun Play’ banner above where no money is risked. Enjoy!

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