If you’d like to know more…

I’ve always been a bit of a gambler, I’ll have a go at anything. I love the horses and roulette and sometimes some blackjack/pontoon/21 and I’ll occassionally have a fluter on the pokies or slot machines too. The feeling of winning a large amount is mega, such a rush. While it doesn’t happen that often i makes it all the better when it does. Your luck comes in, 5 in a row, double zero or Chimichanga crosses the line by a nose, the feeling is incredible.

I’ve worked in bars and restaurants and lived in many different cities around the world as I have a passion for travel and no matter where I am in the world I always end up doing a few late nighters in the local casino after winding down with a few cheeky beers. It’s probably not the optimum way to play but sod it I’m here for fun and that is what I have. If I can’t rustle up any amigos I’ll grab a bottle of vino on the way home and sit with my laptop or mobile and give the pokies a shot. I always get my spidey senses tingling for a game thats been paying out as its all too easy to kee pouring the cash into a black hole, never to be seen again. Possibly to be regretted in the morning!

The legalities of playing away from home, so to speak, may be a bit of an issues in some countries so it’s important to always know where you stand as you certainly don’t want any beef off the feds. Some people use whats known as a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which offers a level of protection against any unwanted attention and enables playing while abroad. I’m in the process of reviewing various VPN’s and a full review will follow.

Anyway, with all this yabbering I feel my senses tingling and the urge to check out the latest pokies casinos I’ve been playing lately. So I bid you all the the best of luck and if you don’t find luck today there’s always tomorrow. Happy pokies (pokying?)!!

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